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AGREGATI.BG is the answer for your need of power lines and generators. After long experience with Open Air Events, the company focus is to provide spot on emergency power, power supply and all kind of service with power generators.
Our experience is the guarantee for your success.   



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Generator Rental

We can supply all kind three phase diesel generator for outdoor events. Our generators are the ideal power source for operating stage lighting, PA systems, and other essential items for a successful outdoor event. Additional items such as site distribution boards and cabling are freely available upon request.

Enjoy a reliable power source that ensures your concert, festival or wedding goes off without a hitch. All of our outdoor generators operate below 65 decibels @ 1 metre, giving you a quiet and convenient power source for outdoor events.

Our experienced team can help you find the perfect generator for your event. Let us manage the logistical side of your power generation while you focus on organizing your special event. All of our generators are available with optional extras such as bounded fuel tanks, for up to 500 hours of operation.

Generator Sales

Our partners from Blupower  can sell you most modern and efficient generators on the market.



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